Planning Ahead for Retirement

planning ahead for retirement

planning ahead for retirement

Whether you started your retirement savings in your 20’s or in your 40’s,  planning ahead for retirement is key.  There are various elements to consider especially once you approach the last 10 years before retirement.  Always consult with your trusted advisors along the way.  Your financial planner, accountant, lawyer and mortgage broker can help build the plan.  Yes, you read it— your mortgage broker.  Most people would not think to consult with a mortgage broker but you might be pleasantly surprised about the resources available which can help you retire with more income while maintaining lower income taxes.  This can help you to build and preserve that nest egg to ensure a better lifestyle including travel, access to in-home health care or updates to your home or a family members home so you have a safe living environment to meet your long term needs.

An interest in article below about test driving your retirement which is a great idea.

Why it pays to test-drive your retirement

On this note, mark your calendar for Thursday June 8th and contact me by email at or call me at 604-813-8402 to reserve a seat for you, your spouse, parent or friend.  I will be joined by Jason Jakubec from Lawyers West, Allan Spissinger from ME Accounting and Brent Edwardson from Safe Pacific Financial to review the steps moving forward before retirement and strategies for those currently retired how may need to touch up their plan.  Time well spent—- and it is free to attend.

Thursday June 8th at Coquitlam Library 6:30pm sign in.  Pre-registration is required.