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Why a Mortgage Broker?

As your independent mortgage advisor I give you the power to choose the best financing solution so you can make an informed decision.

I am not a bank employee which means I am not obligated to one lender. It is my role to know about what financing products and programs are offered in the marketplace and match them to your needs. That level of expertise is best provided by a licensed independent mortgage advisor.

Much like you seek counsel from your accountant, lawyer and realtor you should include a mortgage advisor as a trusted member of your team for your real estate portfolio.

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What our customer says

“Last year I researched options for my mother, who owns her own home but has a small pension, to be a bit more flexible with her money. I contacted Pauline, our family’s Mortgage Consultant who explained some possible solutions. The reversed mortgage concept particularly appealed to us as it allows my Mom to have access to cash when she needs it, which makes her feel more comfortable and less anxious about potential large expenses in the future. Pauline was a wonderful resource and sounding board for us and guided us every step of the way. My Mom, who is the careful type, had tons of questions and Pauline took the time to answer every single one. The reversed mortgage has been a real blessing for my mother. Thank you, Pauline!” Phil Gerard

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Helping you choose financing solutions that make sense for you