Mortgage Financing and Tax Planning Guide for Business Owners

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Why a Mortgage Broker?

As your independent mortgage advisor I give you the power to choose the best financing solution so you can make an informed decision.

I am not a bank employee which means I am not obligated to one lender. It is my role to know about what financing products and programs are offered in the marketplace and match them to your needs. That level of expertise is best provided by a licensed independent mortgage advisor.

Much like you seek counsel from your accountant, lawyer and realtor you should include a mortgage advisor as a trusted member of your team for your real estate portfolio.

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What our customer says

“Pauline is a very professional and caring mortgage broker. She has genuine concerns for the welfare of her clients. It was not easy for my family to get a loan because we are new migrants, but Pauline made it easy and convenient for us. After our transaction, Pauline has been my go to person for anything and everything, and she is always willing and able to help. I wish Pauline more business and allow others to experience her exceptional support!”

Ma Leticia Sabaten | Customer Service Manager at Photon Control Inc.

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Helping you choose financing solutions that make sense for you