New to Canada and Establishing Credit

New to Canada and establishing credit

New to Canada and establishing credit

When you are new to Canada and establishing credit, deciding on the best way to create a good credit history can be difficult.

You need a good credit rating in Canada if you are planning to rent or buy a home, buy a car or borrow money. By taking some important first steps to get your financial matters in order, you can establish a solid foundation for future credit worthiness.

The first steps when you are new to Canada and establishing credit are:

Open a chequing and savings account with a local bank or credit union

– Get a cell phone through one of the local providers. Your payments on that account will report to the credit bureau.

– Apply for a secured credit card. Even if you start off with a limit of $500 you can always increase it at a later date. Pay some of your regular monthly bills (such as your cell phone or cable bill) through this credit card so you can start to show consistent repayment behaviour.

РAim to establish a minimum of $2,000 credit limit with two credit cards or a loan and credit card.  Lenders and the credit bureau consider two years of active credit use as a good foundation for credit worthiness.

I recommend you check your own credit report on an annual basis or within six months of making any major purchase. Visit for more information.

For more information on establishing credit and managing your money visit

Buyer Beware

There are many options available to people needing credit and some of them will get you into financial trouble if you are not careful. There are companies offering alternatives to credit cards. They often advertise online, by phone or flyers through the mail. They offer to provide loans that will help borrowers establish good credit. These programs all sound good until you look closely at the numbers.  For more details check out my recent article below or call me anytime at 604 813 8402 or email