Financial/Mortgage Check Up for 2014

Happy New Year— I wish you all the best in your health, relationships and in business.  As we move into the second week of the year we really have to get going on those goals we set for our self and one I would suggest is your financial/mortgage check up for 2014!

I hope you either stay or get financially fit thru the year and I (and my network of resources) are here to help you achieve your goals.  I will be in touch with existing clients soon for a complimentary “Financial/ Mortgage Check up for 2014”  The purpose of an annual check-up is to look back on the past year and to look forward- then develop strategies to improve your financial situation.  Whether you like what you see or not, a financial check-up of your mortgage can help you understand your current position and recognize the changes you need to make that will allow you to move forward and achieve success.

If your mortgage is up for renewal I will be in touch 4-6 months prior to maturity to discuss options and ideas, update your information and to develop your personal mortgage plan moving forward. 

If you are not a current client but looking to buy a home, refinancing or your mortgage is up for renewal I am happy to provide you with the same “Financial/Mortgage Check up for 2014!.

Financial check up for 2014

Financial check up for 2014

Your mortgage is part of your financial picture.  How you set it up and manage it can have a big impact on your lifestyle.  By taking a closer look you may be able to save money and set a path to a brighter future.

As part of the Dominion Lending family, we at DLC Innovative Mortgage Solutions offer mortgages for purchase, refinance, consolidation, investment – residential and commercial (1st, 2nd , institutional and private), leasing, merchant advance, and visa cards!  Also consider me as your resource to a variety of professional services through my network.  I am happy to refer you to lawyers, notaries, realtors, renovation experts,  landscapers, auto dealers, home cleaning services, financial planners, accountants, personal trainers, massage therapists, and the list goes on.

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